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Intensive Care Unit

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Neue Arbeitswelten von Bildhauern/-innen gestaltet.
Herausgegeben von ORANGE COUNCIL 2017 .  

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch.  192 S.  

Space is a valuable resource in the working world with vast unrecognized and untapped potential. Deutsche Telekom AG, working with the communications agency Orange Council, has demonstrated that there is a different way. Within just a few months, its administrative headquarters in Bonn received a complete makeover.

This book presents documentation of the project’s implementation around the key concepts of sustainability, disruption, and innovation. The title combines an allusion to an intensive care unit with the words “I see you.” The publication also proposes a fundamental reassessment of so-called administrative workspaces in the context of real estate markets, operational production flows, employee motivation, and corporate identity. As the images illustrate, the objects and installations as well as the architecture as a whole have a power to inspire broad audiences that is independent of specific corporate philosophies.

With essays by Nils Büttner and Bernhard Zünkeler as well as a conversation between the architect Dagmar Ecken and the artist Amely Spötzl.

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