The right compressor: good air for pneumatic tools

A compressor compresses air („squeezes“ it together, from the Latin „comprimere“ = to compress, to press together) in order to use this air to drive a wide variety of tools, for example. The compressed air is (temporarily) stored in a tank.

There are different types of compressors. The motors of the compressors sold by bildhau for operating compressed-air tools are powered by electricity.

Compressors also differ in terms of their performance and durability. This results from various factors: in addition to the design, these are primarily the quality and strength of the motor and the size of the air tank. They determine how much air can be drawn in, compressed and released and in what time.

The quality of the motor is also important for how long you can work in one go: The compressor motor always starts when there is no longer enough pressure in the air tank. Once the preset bar value is reached, it switches off again. If intensive work is now being carried out and a lot of air is being extracted continuously (depending on the type of air tool, among other things!), the motor has a lot to do. Very high-quality motors are suitable for continuous operation, while others require frequent work breaks.

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