Modelling tool – for clay, paperclay and plaster, wax and plasticine

With modelling tools made of wood, metal and rubber, plastic materials such as clay , wax , plasticine or mould and work with plaster . Modelling tools such as modelling loops , modelling irons and spatulas or wood modelling tools meet many different requirements: For example, you can use them to cut, smooth, model, scrape, create surface textures, apply and remove material, fill and portion, and especially tap clay and rasp plaster .

A special modelling tool is available at bildhau for every working material and every task. However, most tools can be used universally. When choosing the right modelling tool, it is – helpful to consider the following, regardless of whether you are an experienced modeller or a novice: What material do I mainly want to work with? How big do I want my sculpture or model to be? Do I want to work in great detail or rather roughly? Is it important that my tools are rustproof? Do I work a little or a lot with the tools? Do I only need individual wood modelling tools, for example, or is a multi-part modelling tool set worthwhile for me?
Here we briefly present some tool groups. You can find more detailed information, including on individual tools, on the following pages.

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