The bildhau team

Ulla Preising - Advice & Sales, Service

For over 20 years, Ulla Preising has been a stone sculptor who, parallel to her work at bildhau, also runs her own sculpture school, drosselART, and teaches at the Campo del'Altissimo in Italy. Ulla Preising has been part of the bildhau sales team from the very beginning and is there for customers both in the shop and on the phone.

Akos Sziráki - Advice & Sales, Service, Accounting

Since spring 2022, the sculptor Akos Sziráki has strengthened the bildhau team. His tasks include advice and sales, but also service and bookkeeping, as well as co-maintaining the social media channels - so he has quite a lot on his plate. As an artist, he works mainly in wood, stone and bronze and is familiar with mould making, especially from plaster and epoxy resin. When dealing with sculptural tools and materials, life and work come together perfectly for him at bildhau.

Fabian Pott - Purchasing, Marketing, Service

Fabian Pott has been part of the bildhau team since 2020 and is responsible for purchasing, marketing and the continuous improvement of the webshop. After working in large companies, Fabian Pott finds the work at bildhau in a small team exciting: without hierarchies, close to all areas of day-to-day business, with short lines of communication, a lot of personal responsibility and a form of business management that is not purely geared towards maximising profits. He is familiar with carving knives and axes from making wood, and he is looking forward to his first stone sculpture course. In his free time, he is interested in e-bikes, among other things.

Anita Vajda Helyes - Receiving & Shipping

Anita Vajda Helyes primarily takes care of shipping processing at bildhau. And she makes sure that deliveries get to the shelves and labels get on the products. Since 2013, Anita Vajda Helyes has been in the shop at bildhau every day with verve and speed. However, she has been part of the bildhau team since 2009, when she discovered her love of sculpting tools and the many materials while studying fashion design as a student temp.

Veronika Sacher - Warehouse & Shipping

The trained carpenter and childcare worker from Bavaria joined the bildhau team in autumn 2017 and actively supports the warehouse and shipping department. Wood is her favourite material, because when you work, you can see immediately what you have done. At bildhau she has meanwhile also acquired a taste for stone sculpture and, in addition to material samples for the shop, has already created her first soapstone sculptures.

Carsten Langediers - Management

As a master carpenter and designer, Carsten Langediers is closely connected to the design of wood and stone. In 2004, he started to build up bildhau in Germany with Reinoud van Bemmelen. In addition to his management duties, he has since been responsible for everything to do with the presentation of bildhau and the bildhau range in print and online.

Reinoud van Bemmelen - Management

After studying sculpture in Amsterdam, Reinoud van Bemmelen initially worked as an art and craft teacher. Purchasing materials and tools in Italy for his own use quickly turned into a trading business. As early as 1995, Reinoud van Bemmelen founded De Beeldhouwwinkel in The Hague.

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