Oil & wax for the surface treatment of wood

You can use linseed oil-based impregnation oil to protect wood against dust, moisture and discolouration, for example – this is especially true for darker woods, as very light woods such as lime or birch can discolour. Lemon Oil is an oil made from lemongrass, which is also suitable for light-coloured types of wood as it has almost no effect on the colour. You can also use it to treat wooden objects that are used daily, such as chopping boards or spoons. Antique wax with beeswax deepens the colour and adds shine. Danish Oil is a slightly harder vegetable wood oil based on tung oil. It penetrates deep into the wood, gives a silky lustre and a water-resistant finish for indoors and outdoors.

When making your plans, please bear in mind that it is generally not easy to permanently protect wood that is placed outdoors against weathering with wax or oil. Wooden sculptures that are placed outdoors require regular maintenance if they are not to weather. Of course, some types of wood are also more suitable for outdoor sculptures than others.

Anchorseal green wood sealant / sculpture wax is often used in the timber industry to prevent the end grain of fresh wood from drying out. Once applied, a waterproof layer of wax forms on the wood, which reduces the formation of cracks.

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